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The UK construction industry is a large and growing sector, with many employment opportunities for people with convictions. . Many companies are actively seeking to hire those who have been in the prison and probation services, to help address the labour and skills shortages that they face. At JobMatcha, we put the two together.

The construction industry is a major employer in the UK. By 2027 it’s forecast that 2.7 million construction workers will be needed – meaning companies need to find 45,000 staff every year. 

The construction industry is often seen as a good way to get a second chance. Many employers in the construction industry are willing to give people with convictions a chance to prove themselves, as they believe that these individuals can be valuable employees.

The construction industry is a physically demanding industry. This can be appealing to some people with convictions, as it can provide a way to channel their energy and aggression into something productive.

The construction industry offers good training and development opportunities. This can help people with convictions to develop the skills and experience they need to get ahead in their careers.

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RIFT Social Enterprise

Our partners at RIFT Social Enterprise were established in 2018 as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, delivering business start-up support across the UK, inspiring people to fulfil their self-employment potential. Their expert and experienced Business Start-Up Advisors have collectively supported over 1000 start-ups, providing guidance, advice, and empowerment to those who have chosen self-employment as a viable and fulfilling route to financial independence. RIFT Social Enterprise work in over 40 prisons in the UK and their services can be accessed via the DWP and the Restart programme.

Andy Gullick

Andy, RIFT Social Enterprise CEO, has spent all of his professional career working with vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals. His roles have included: social worker, Senior Probation Officer, Governor grade in three prisons, Chief Executive of a children’s charity and Director of Justice for an employment organisation for people with convictions. He is passionate about removing barriers, to enable individuals to reach their goals and fulfil their potential. Andy is a keen advocate of JobMatcha and its mission to put tools and opportunities into the hands of the worker.