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Created by professionals with over 35 years in the Rail Industry, in partnership with one of the sector’s leading training providers, JobMatcha Rail is committed to quality, communication and reliability.

Whatever your requirements, large or small, we will use our wide network of specialist rail workers to meet your labour needs.

We know what you need, because we’ve been there.

All of our Rail team have worked on live tracks.

We are proud to hold industry specific RISQS and CIRAS accreditations, upholding the highest possible standards of safety.

We won’t send just anyone to your job.

We only sponsor workers in whom we have complete confidence.

We can mix in the “best of the best”, newly qualified NVQ Level 2 Engineers to create the right blend of experience versus cost.


The railway industry in the UK is a major part of the economy, employing over 115,000 people and supporting another 250,000 through its supply chain. The industry is responsible for transporting over 1.7 billion passengers and 1.5 billion tonnes of freight each year, making it one of the busiest in Europe. The UK railway industry is structured into two main parts:

Infrastructure: This part of the industry is responsible for owning and maintaining the track, signals, and stations. It is operated by Network Rail, a government-owned company.

Train Operating Companies: These companies are responsible for running the trains and providing passenger services. There are currently 25 train operating companies in the UK.


Three key trends mean that the demand for skilled roles is significant.

Increased investment in infrastructure: The government has committed to investing £100 billion in the railway network over the next decade. This investment will be used to upgrade the existing infrastructure and to build new lines.

Increased competition: The government has opened up the rail market to more competition. This is leading to new train operating companies entering the market and to existing companies competing more aggressively.

Use of new technologies: The railway industry is using new technologies to improve the performance and efficiency of the network. This includes the use of digital signaling, high-speed trains, and automated systems.

What workers say about JobMatcha

…It was by far the easiest process…The communication between me and Al was on point, I understood everything that I needed to do and if I had any problems, Al was there to help me…


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