Construction Employment Courses for Colleges


Our experience in Construction, snugly combined with our expertise in Self-Employment and Tax, puts us in a strong position to offer free training to construction students. Most colleges have first-rate vocational training, but often the real-world practicalities of employment can be skipped. We deliver a one-of-a-kind course, aimed at those who may need to become self-employed via work through sub-contracting via an agency, or equally for those looking to start their own business and register as a sole trader or LTD company. We also cover off the basics about PAYE. Set up a meeting to discuss further by emailing us


JobMatcha can help match local people with local jobs. We want new workers in the Construction industry to take control of their career – and our app helps them to do that. We can also support with heavily discounted tax returns. The team at RIFT Refunds know what they’re doing, having reclaimed £211 million for 95,000 construction workers. As part of our free training course we register students with these services.


Currently working with East Kent College, Mid Kent College and North Kent College, to date 100% of students who have attended our sessions said they now feel more confident regarding self-employment options. Polly, our in-house trainer, has already received a number of plaudits!

“…to have that many construction students quiet for that amount of time and being interactive is quite a feat!”
-East Kent College (Folkestone)

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